This Is Ms. Penny Lane. Her Mom McKenna already has her Halloween Costume picked out, and I must say she is ADORABLE!!

This Is Ms. Penny Lane. Her Mom McKenna already has her Halloween Costume picked out, and I must say she is ADORABLE!!

JoJo's Schnauzers was absolutely amazing to purchase from. Our schnauzer came to us with love, brains, and obedience instilled. The upbringing of our puppy made the transition into our home seamless. Carli works extremely hard with her pups, and I can attest that really makes the difference between JoJo's Schnauzers and other breeders. JoJo's Schnauzers are raised with love, and plenty of room to run in the grass and play. If you are looking at buying a schnauzer. I can give no other place to recommend! 

-McKenna Simmons

I recently purchased Charly, a beautiful chocolate Schnauzer. What a treat he is. The professional and dedicated work of JoJo's Schnauzers is the primary reason for purchasing this puppy. Carly made everything simple and her contiued support is awesome. I highly suggest your next schnauzer pup come from JOJO's.
Steven Ewert‎ 


I absolutely love my Blue, he is 2 now and the most special dog ever. Healthy, happy, smart, quiet, obedient, beautiful. He travels with us all over the world. His blue eyes are stunning. He was very easy to train. At 5 months he qualified to be a therapy dog. He loves kids and people. He's great with our autistic nephew. I followed breeders 2 years before selecting this breeder and her sister. We've breed AKC Shetland shepherd dogs, and German Shepard dogs. I needed small and smart. We are 110% satisfied. We bought our second pup a year later. Very very impressed.

-Tami Nielsen

I love Jo Jo Schnauzer's! I've compared them to other sellers and Love how my puppy was familiar with crate training before I got him. This makes it much easier to potty train him. When I came to pick him up Carli took the time to explain everything in detail and let us play with him to make sure he was the right pup for us. She was also honest and I feel comfortable being able to contact her at any time. I also appreciate her reasonable prices. Thank you Carli for my sweet Frodo! -Kristi Hughes Dowding


We just love our little Lio. He is the most affectionate dog in the world!! 💙-Caiti Bracken

We love JoJo's schnauzers! When we decided to add a puppy to our family we were able to find JoJo's schnauzers website. We contacted Carli and she invited us to come visit the puppies and get to know them better. It was so nice to be able to do this before adopting one so we could see which one would be the best fit for our family. It was such a good experience!  The adult dogs she has are so well behaved!  We were able to get to know the breed better and were very excited with our choice to work with Carli. We could see by the behavior and manner of her adult dogs that she truly cared for these dogs and that they were well taken care of. She is very knowledgeable about the breed and was able to answer any questions that we had. We fell in love with the puppies and had a hard time deciding between them because we loved so many of them! When we came to pick up our puppy to bring her home we were not only given a very cute puppy but also all of the supplies we needed to take care of her.  We couldn't have been more happy with our experience and are so glad that we were able to adopt a puppy from JoJo's schnauzers!
- Liz

When my wife and I were considering a new puppy we called Carli at JoJo's Schnauzers.  She answered all our questions and when we visited she and her dogs were open, friendly, and we were given all the time we needed to interact with the different puppies.  We ended up adopting 2 puppies and they both adapted to our house with very little problem.  If we knew of anybody looking for a Miniature Schnauzer we would have no reservations in recommending Jojo's Schnauzers.

Andy and Patty

Annie is a terrific addition to our family. We have an older dog (Chloe) that does not have much longer and we felt the need to get our other dog (Maybell) a playmate. We have owned Schnauzers in the past and decided to get another. We contacted JoJo's and she responded quickly to our questions and concerns. Once we got there, we both fell in love with Annie. She learns quickly and is finally enjoying her baths! Carli does a fabulous job grooming Annie too! JoJo's is very well equipped, extremely knowledgeable and thorough with the care and handling of their dogs and pups. We couldn't be happier with our decision to purchase from JoJo's.

-Deb Haddix Zikas


After much research I have a very well bred, healthy, loving, confident puppy. These sisters have all of the best qualities that you want in a breeder and trainer. We now have two and are traveling the world with them. I am really pleased with everything about our experience.

-Tammy Dey