We believe in breeding QUALITY Teacup, Toy, and Miniature Schnauzers. More is not always better! Here at JoJo's Schnauzers we have 6 breeding females, 1 puppy and 1 male, however we are looking for 1 more amazing male to add to our family. Only having 8 beautiful schnauzers allows us to spend quality time with each dog; giving them the love, training, and care that they not only need but deserve.

We started getting into the schnauzer family by working with my sister, Meghan Stark, the owner of lucky7schnauzers, about 5 years ago. We fell in love with the schnauzer breed and loved the joy that they brought to our family so we decided to branch off on our own to start breeding our own great companions for you! We are located in Southern Utah (only 2.5 hours from Las Vegas, Nevada) but we offer shipping nationwide.

Our dog family consists of our dogs, myself, my husband and three kids. I am a stay at home mom so my days consist of caring for my children and my wonderful dogs. All our dogs are well socialized and not only loved by myself and husband, but are held, snuggled, carried and adored by my children. I trust all of our adults and puppies with kids of all ages. 

Not only do we trust our dogs personalities and temperaments, but we trust their genetics as well. ALL of our dogs come with a 5 year genetic health guarantee. They are OFA tested, and have routine vet check ups. They are given the highest quality dry dog food we could find, PawTree, and are always up to date on vaccines and worming.     

If you want a high quality companion that is guaranteed to be genetically healthy, incredibly well socialized, and beautiful then a JoJo's Schnauzer is perfect for you! Please feel free to come visit our adults and available puppies at any time. They love visitors and we love to show off our wonderful family! Thank you for taking the time to read about our family and we hope that you find just what you are looking for!